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About Us

Pain or Injury?
Let Us Take the First Look

We’re dedicated to find SOLUTIONS to keep you moving.

Whether you are an extreme athlete, weekend warrior, hardworking family person, stay-at-home mom or just reaching for the remote or walking downstairs, we want to get you back to whatever your normal is.

We want to be there for the quick fix for tweaking your neck or back, to the long haul of recovering from a surgery or accident.


Most insurance companies do not require a referral/prescription for physical therapy allowing patients to benefit from PT sooner.

Direct access may also help patients save money by potentially avoiding unnecessary visits, medication, surgery or extensive imaging tests.

A recent BlueCross / BlueShield of South Carolina Study found that direct access to physical therapy led to a:


2 Simple Reasons

why you should start your healthcare journey with us:


Eliminate the need for medication, surgery or extensive imaging, including X-ray, MRIs and CT scans.

Researchers found that patients that were sent for an MRI first, rather than physical therapy, were more likely to have surgery or injections, see a specialist or visit an emergency room.


Reduce your healthcare costs.

Studies found that if you begin physical therapy within the first 14 days of pain, you can save an average of $2,700, reducing your overall healthcare costs.

Meet our Staff

Pain & Movement Solutions is a therapist-owned outpatient physical therapy clinic. We are a group of mindful practitioners dedicated to empowering our patients with the skills they need to live a healthy, South Dakota lifestyle. We aim to be a natural solution to health concerns for both individuals and businesses throughout the Northern Hills, providing physical therapy from infancy to the golden years. 

Recent Certifications & Continuing Education

Our clinicians have advanced training and specializations, which gives them the expertise to treat all parts of the body.

Pain & Movement Solution’s ongoing commitment to education and training ensures that our staff is practicing the most current and effective techniques.

Whether you’re trying to get back to everyday life, your job or your sport – we can help you reach your goals.

Community Solutions

We believe in transforming our communities by finding SOLUTIONS to your everyday needs. Helping others is central to what physical therapists do. We live and work in our communities and our commitment is to enhance the quality of life for everyone. Our team plays a dynamic role in supporting and educating groups across all life-spans. We want to improve where you stand on the Vitality scale.