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Concussion Management

What is a Concussion?

  • A brain injury that occurs when the brain is shaken inside the skull, causing changes in the brain’s chemistry and energy supply
  • Caused by a direct blow to the head or an indirect force, such as whiplash
  • Can affect behavior, thinking and physical functioning

Post-Concussion Syndrome is when an individual is experiencing 3 or more symptoms that last greater than 14 days and a prolonged recovery is expected.

More than 90% of concussions DO NOT involve a loss of consciousness.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that in sports alone, more than 3.8 million concussions occur each year.

80% of people recover from concussion in 3 weeks.

Appropriate medical treatment is necessary to assist with a full, speedy recovery.

Concussion Recovery

  • Brain Rest  is critical for the first few days following injury.
    • Avoid or reduce reading, computer work, texting, driving & watching TV.
  • Light Exercise initiated at the appropriate time aides recovery.
  • Communication between your physician, PT, teachers/employers and coaches is critical for success. This team will coordinate your return to school/play/work and accommodations needed.

How PT Can Help

Pain & Movement Solutions utilizes the Cleared Concussion Recovery Program (C circle sign) to assist in your recovery. This same program is utilized by professional NFL teams & the Resilience Code Concussion Clinic.

  • Evaluation & Assessment: identify your unique treatment protocol
  • Vestibular Therapy: various eye examinations to strengthen vision, resolve dizziness and improve balance
  • Exertion Therapy: assist with brain function and recovery
  • Manual Therapy: reduce headaches and neck pain associated with concussion
  • Home Program Development: to address other possible ongoing symptoms, such as mood irritability, brain fog, and fatigue