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Insurance 101

We Accept ALL Major Insurance Plans

Health insurance can be confusing. We are here to help.

No Referral Needed

Most insurance companies allow you to directly seek physical therapy first, without visiting a primary care physician, to allow you to feel better faster.

If you happen to need authorization or a physician’s prescription to access your physical therapy benefits, we can assist you with this process.

Benefits Verified Prior to First Visit

Patient benefits are verified prior to your first visit to determine insurance coverage visit limit, deductible, coinsurance or copay that will apply to your PT services.

Based on the information provided to us, we will determine an ESTIMATE of what each visit will cost you.  Treatment can change from visit to visit along with charges submitted by your therapist.

Flexible Payment Options Available

Focus on feeling BETTER, not the fees.   

We offer affordable and flexible payment options to help you get the care you need now to feel better and avoid further costs later.

We’ll work with you to accommodate your individual needs.

Cash Pay Options Available

We want to make sure you get the care you need.  Call today to learn about our cash pay options.  

You Have Choices!

You always have the choice of where you receive physical therapy.  Choose Pain & Movement Solutions for the best care and outcomes!

 No referral is needed for the following insurance companies:

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

and many more…

 A Referral/Authorization is REQUIRED for the Following Insurance Companies:

We are happy to assist you in acquiring the information you need to access your physical therapy benefits. Give us a call or schedule a free consult and let us help you get feeling better faster.  It is important for your recovery to receive care as soon as possible.

Let us take the pain out of insurance woes and your movement problem.
Call us today to learn how easy and affordable it is to get started.