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Annual PT Check-Up is Preventative Medicine

Jan 6, 2023

Is getting healthier on your Resolution List? Lack of physical activity is a contributor to all forms of disease. Do you have something limiting your ability to move? Schedule your annual physical therapy exam to improve your overall health and wellness.

You see your optometrist and dentist regularly because your eyes and teeth are important. You get an annual physical from your family physician. You might even be getting ready to see your accountant to get your yearly taxes done. But what about the rest of your body? Have you lost range of motion, or strength? How’s your balance and coordination? These all affect how you move. You might not notice small changes until you have problems like trouble lifting a heavy load, joint pain, or a sprained ankle from a stumble. An annual PT exam can catch problems early, then correct them before they lead to something bigger.

  • When should I consider getting a Physical Therapy checkup?
  • Anytime you experience PAIN, discomfort or strain when doing something you love
  • Any time you are about to start a fitness program or start training
  • Any time you change sports
  • After you have completed rehab post-surgery and are trying to resume normal activities
  • After an illness or surgery that has left you on bed rest
  • At the very least, yearly (to catch things before they grow into issues)

Benefits of Annual Physical Therapy Check-Up

  • Personalized Program: The physical therapist will also go through your personal health concerns and then work with you on a personalized program to address these concerns.
  • Prevent Serious Health Issues: Your physical therapist can help improve your health so you have a higher potential to live longer without any serious health issues transpiring.
  • Low Cost Solution to Rising Health Care Costs: It is less expensive and time consuming to prevent injuries/illness than to treat. Invest in prevention.
  • Reverse the Aging Process: Studies have shown that a regular training program reverses aging at the cellular level. A physical therapist can ensure that you stay with the program and maintain the proper diet and exercise which helps to slow the aging process.

More often than not, most individuals get too busy or they are simply too tired to take care of their health. If you set up a plan with a physical therapist you will avoid some of the health problems that will develop as a result of living a fast-paced and stressful lifestyle. You will also be more likely to stick with the regimen if you have a physical therapist to guide you on a regular basis.