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Free Fall Prevention Screens – September 21st

Sep 9, 2021

Pain & Movement Solutions is holding their 3nd annual Free Fall Prevention Screenings on September 22nd, the first day of fall, which is National Fall Awareness and Prevention Day. Our local physical therapy group is teaming up with other healthcare professionals in the area to provide a multi-factorial fall risk assessment for free to community members to help keep everyone safer at home. If you or your loved one have concerns about falling, you will not want to miss this free screening opportunity.

One in 3 adults who are 65 years or older will fall this year; 20% to 30% of those who fall will sustain significant injury. For many adults, falls are the primary cause for the loss of independent living and development of fear, which may result in limitation of physical activity and loss of social contact and/or death.

Dr. Melanie Rye, PT, DPT reports that she initiated this fall screening program for our community because, “Falls are high preventable, and if an individual can identify their risk factors for falls they can prevent devastating, life-changing events.” Research has shown that there is a significant need for a multi-factorial fall risk assessment as 1-dimensional screens are not accurately identifying all potential fallers”, Rye responds on the alliance of several healthcare professionals and organizations coming together for this event. Physical therapists are experts of human movement and exercise and are in a critical position to coordinate and provide fall prevention services.

Clinic owner Julie Wingen reports, “My favorite part of our Fall Prevention Screens is the collaboration of all our local professionals and organizations coming together to provide a very comprehensive assessment to our community members. It would take an individual several hours and travel to receive this comprehensive of an assessment, but they can receive it in our clinic within 30 minutes.”

Pain & Movement Solutions will be providing balance and physical mobility tests and vestibular screens. Prairie Hills Pharmacy will provide a medication review and education on side effects of your medications that could be making you feel dizzy, weak or sleepy which significantly increases the risks of falls.  Belle Fourche Area Community Center will provide resources on how to increase physical activity levels. Belle Fourche Counseling will provide techniques to utilize to increase confidence with your mobility and decrease fear of falling as research has shown that fear of falling, depression and anxiety contributes to increased fall risk. Hanger Clinic will provide resources for prosthetics and orthotics, diabetic footwear and bracing for arms and legs for different weaknesses. Heartland Home Health will be reviewing home hazard checklists and providing consultations on increasing the safety of your home. Belle Silver Lining Senior Center will inform participants of the community resources they provide to improve their overall well-being. Pain & Movement Solutions will follow up with primary care physicians to share the results of the fall prevention screening if the participant would like.

“It is going to be a very beneficial day to all our participants. We are so fortunate to have such great professionals and organizations in our area that care about the safety and well-being of our community.” Pain & Movement Solutions encourages everyone who is 65 years or older to receive a Fall Prevention Screen. If you participated in the Fall Preventions Screens last year, you are highly recommended to participate again this year and in upcoming years to compare your results and keep tabs on your fall risk. Rye reminds again, “Falls are highly preventable.”

Individuals can reserve their appointment slot for the Free Fall Prevention Screens by calling Pain & Movement Solutions at 605-723-0185. The screenings will take place on Tuesday, September 21st from 8 am – 12 pm. Walk-ins are welcomed, but scheduling in strongly encouraged.