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Free Treatment Day – Tuesday, January 19th    

Jan 6, 2021

Millions of people live with pain or mobility issues that limit their ability to move and live the way they want to.  Sometimes aches and pains seem to come out of nowhere, and other times what seems like a simple injury results in lasting pain.  Maybe you have been trying to address your issue already but are not getting the lasting results you want.  If this is you, call 605-723-0185 today and reserve your spot for Pain & Movement Solutions’ Free Treatment Day on Tuesday, January 21st.

Pain & Movement Solutions holds their bi-annual Free Treatment Day as a way for individuals to learn how physical therapy (PT) can help them with their pain or movement problem.  “Unfortunately, most individuals think that you must be recovering from a major injury or surgery to come to physical therapy. This is a large misconception that is preventing people from getting the effective care they deserve and need,” says clinic owner and Doctor of Physical Therapy Julie Wingen.

Physical therapists are movement specialists, and you can be evaluated by one without a physician referral. Physical therapy is becoming the go-to profession of the medical world, and they are recognized as practitioner of choice for all musculoskeletal injuries. Want an MRI? Go to PT first. Surgery? Go to PT first. Why? – Because, more often than not, most musculoskeletal problems are solved with PT.  More and more studies are coming out about the cost effectiveness of PT with outcomes that not only get you better in the short term, but also teach you how to make yourself better in the future.

Physical therapists have a very large skill set and can treat anything from vertigo to incontinence, concussion to cancer rehabilitation, and every typical joint pain. This skill set is derived from over 7 years of high-level training including dissection of cadavers, differential diagnosis classes, pharmacy courses and radiologic imaging courses resulting in a Doctorate degree specializing in movement disorders.

Wingen says, “This is one of my favorite days of the year! It is a lot of fun to help so many people realize the vast benefits of PT and get them started on the right track to feeling better.” Free Treatment day consists of a screening evaluation, followed by a treatment consisting of spinal thrust and joint mobilizations, soft tissue tools, kinesiotaping and guided activities that will empower you to take control of your health and recovery. “Our goal of the day is to provide you with the expertise, solutions and direction in determining the best methods to help you.”

Want to know if you have a torn rotator cuff vs shoulder impingement? Back pain flaring up more frequently than it used to? Source of your headaches? Do you feel pain in your shin every time you run or feel like your balance is worsening? The list can go on and on. Take control of your health and well-being.  Call and reserve your spot today! Space is limited; 605-723-0185.


About Pain & Movement Solutions

Pain & Movement Solutions is an outpatient physical therapy private practice in Belle Fourche, serving the community since 2012.  Their staff works diligently to be the best option for all of your musculoskeletal pains and movement problems. No referral needed for most care. How we live is based on how we move. Find more information about how Pain & Movement Solutions is optimizing movement to improve the human experience at www.painandmovementsolutions.com. #ChoosePT