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Current Job Openings

Physical Therapist


Are you a motivated professional who wants to build their practice as a trusted, first-choice healthcare provider for all musculoskeletal needs? Are you looking for an opportunity to build life-long relationships with your clients to provide both rehabilitative and preventative care to optimize their health and wellness? Are you wanting to live and work in a wonderful, small town surrounded by natural beauty and an abundance of outdoor recreation with the ability to build professional relationships with families, businesses, and community organizations? If so, then we are looking for you!

Pain & Movement Solutions is in need of a physical therapist to provide services with an emphasis in manual orthopedic skills in an outpatient, orthopedic setting dedicated to the wellness of its patients and community. Our clinic offers a diverse patient population, including sports medicine, women’s health, post-op surgical, aquatic, neuro-rehabilitation, pediatrics, geriatrics, and everything in-between. We provide a personal clinic setting that offers opportunity to build professional relationships with multi-generational families, local businesses and high school sports teams. Our caseload is built mostly off direct access clients who greatly rely on our providers to address all their musculoskeletal needs across their lifespan to optimize their health and movement system to live their best life.


Pain & Movement Solutions is a therapist-owned, growing outpatient physical therapy practice. We are a group of mindful practitioners dedicated to empowering our patients with the skills they need to live their best life. We are dedicated to delivering physical therapy to its fullest potential to provide the community with a first-choice, trusted profession and healthcare facility to find solutions to all their pain and movement problems. Our clients know they will not only receive quality care with the highest level of professionalism, but they will also be treated like good friends and valued like family.

Our mission is to transform healthcare by practicing at the top of our physical therapy profession and promoting a conservative, proactive wellness approach to health. We focus to treat not only the pain, but the source of the impairment by evaluating and treating from a total body, functional viewpoint. Our providers highly prioritize continual education and expanding their knowledge base to provide the most optimal care for your movement disorder. We believe strongly in developing a life-long relationship with your physical therapist to maintain the health of the human movement system and allow individuals to maintain their active lifestyles and overall health and well-being. Our collaboration with other healthcare providers, consumers, and community organization is key to solving the health-related challenges that our community and society faces. Our reputation is to exceed client expectations and increase recognition of the value of physical therapy in achieving optimal health and wellness.


Teamwork: Collaborates in a fun, respectful, professional manner to cultivate trusting, productive relationships with our team, clients, community, colleagues and referral sources.
Excellence: Constant pursuit of excellence and growth at all levels to be the preferred provider and organization for all musculoskeletal conditions. Exceeds expectations for patient care.
Value: Delivers a strong patient experience. Works to exceed expectations and provide value in every encounter. A respected ambassador of the organization and profession who advocates to transform the health of our society with a proactive, wellness approach.

Service: Committed to selfless service to our patients, teammates, communities, business partners, and society at every level of the organization. Every individual we work with is valued. Provides altruistic and empathetic care to empower every person we encounter to live their best life


Our clinic is located in the beautiful Northern Black Hills and is a recreational haven where the natural beauty of the rim of the Black Hills is laced by rivers that anchor themselves in western South Dakota’s largest reservoir.


Education:   Masters or Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy

Licensure:    Licensed in South Dakota, new grads awaiting licensure welcome

Compensation: Competitive wage of $33 – $74 /hour with additional incentive program

Benefits: Incentive Program, Health Insurance, Retirement Plan, Relocation Assistance, Building PTO, Professional Development through Continuing Education & Mentorship

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • New grads welcome. Experience preferred.
  • Committed to company core values.
  • Knowledge and ability to diagnose and treat conditions within the scope of physical therapy.
  • Adequate written communication skills to produce defensible documentation and communication with referral sources.