Mar 26, 2021

As spring approaches, Pain & Movement Solutions is launching their fresh new look as they modernized their logo to coincide with the changes in modern management of musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Physical Therapy is becoming the Go-To profession of the medical world as they are recognized as practitioner of choice for musculoskeletal injuries. Want an MRI? Go to a physical therapist first. Surgery? Go to a physical therapist first. Pain relief? Avoid pain medications and seek physical therapy first.

Why? – Because, more often than not, most musculoskeletal problems are solved with physical therapy. More and more studies are coming out about the cost effectiveness of physical therapy with outcomes that not only get you better in the short term, but also teach you how to make yourself better in the future. “There are several large research studies that prove when a patient seeks early physical therapy intervention, their pain and symptoms improve faster and medical treatment is less expensive overall,” reports Pain & Movement Solutions Owner, Dr. Julie Wingen. “Physical therapy can prevent the need for dangerous medications, expensive imaging, and invasive surgeries. While surgery and prescription drugs can be the best course of treatment for certain diagnoses, there is increasing evidence demonstrating that conservative treatments like physical therapy can be equally effective (and cheaper) for many conditions.”

“Our new logo provides a modern presentation that more accurately represents what our organization can do for your overall health and mobility,” said Wingen.

About the Logo

The S highlights the word SOLUTIONS as our primary objective is to be your first-choice, trusted healthcare facility to find solutions to all your pain and movement problems.

The 3-tiered S logo represents the typical journey clients may experience:

  1. Injury: A pain or injury lands individuals in our treatment room.
  2. Rehabilitation: Our Doctors of Physical Therapy provide evidence-based treatment to help the individual recover from their injury/pain.
  3. Prevention: A life-long relationship is developed with your Doctor of Physical Therapy to maintain the health of the human movement system and allow individuals to maintain their active lifestyles and overall health and well-being while avoiding future injuries, surgeries and medication needs.

The upward movement of the S symbolizes:

  • Elevating your overall health and wellness by improving the health of your musculoskeletal system. How you move greatly affects your quality of life. Let us help you find solutions to what moves you!
  • Our team practices at the top of our profession to help you live at the top of your life! We are continuously pursuing excellence through utilizing the latest evidence-based treatments, highly prioritizing continuing education, and consulting with experts across the nation to provide you with the best, most-effective care.
  • Exceeding Expectations: Our clinic has been serving the area since 2012 and has gained recognition for exceeding expectations of typical musculoskeletal treatments. Our patients frequently report that our manual therapeutic approach, including joint and spinal thrust techniques and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, combined with highly specific exercise programs to be more comprehensive and effective than past treatments. We set the bar high for other musculoskeletal health providers.


A final note: The varying path of the S represents that your journey to optimal health and wellness is not always a straight path, but with perseverance and skilled care from our Doctors of Physical Therapy we will help you find your solution to be successful.

Keep a look out for the new logo! Pain & Movement Solutions is promoting individuals to post pictures of “What Moves You?” on their social media pages. How you move strongly influences how you live – Let Pain & Movement Solutions help you find your solution to live your best life!