Dr. Jamie attended South Dakota State University and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise Science. Also, during her time at South Dakota State University, she became a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM-EP). She then went on to attend the University of South Dakota where she obtained a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree.

While at the University of South Dakota, her fascination with the nervous system and its profound impact on human mobility drove her to pursue a career in neurologic physical therapy. She believes that understanding and harnessing the power of neurorehabilitation can truly transform lives.

As a student, she was selected for clinical rotations at leading rehabilitation hospitals for neurologic injuries and diseases in the Midwest including Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, NE and Avera in Sioux Falls. While training under leading neurologic experts, she was able to implement principles of neuroplasticity and utilize innovative techniques and technology. These experiences allowed her to encounter the intricacies in treating conditions such as TBI, CVA, Parkinson’s, MS, SCIs, in addition to acute and chronic dizziness.

In the realm of physical therapy, the specialization in neurologic conditions demands a unique blend of knowledge, skill, and empathy. Driven by her passion, Dr. Jamie pursued rigorous academic training, earning advanced degrees in physical therapy with a focus on neurology. Her clinical experiences in clinics and hospitals have shaped her clinical expertise and patient-centered approach. She is grateful to be practicing in the Northern Hills and as an advocate for neurorehabilitation, she looks forward to connecting with patients who have neurologic conditions.